Why choose Calderdale?
We prefer to think, why not?

We’ve been collaborating with architects, interior designers and contractors for more than 50 years now, creating flooring solutions that truly do their projects justice. By that, we mean flooring that looks sensational, complements its surroundings and performs flawlessly year after year.

Today, we’re a flourishing firm of 75 skilled specialists with literally centuries of time-served experience between us. Together we’re continuing our heritage in narrow loom carpet manufacturing, but we’re also embracing innovation and new ways of working. We’re even pioneering some of our own.

Much of our work is for the leisure and hospitality sectors, but we have the resources and flexibility to meet almost any flooring challenge. From designing and making a bespoke broad loom carpet through to sourcing the perfect vinyl floor – it’s all in a day’s work at Calderdale. We’re proud members of the CFA, as well as ISO14001 accredited, and this helps serve as welcome assurance of a job well done.

Above all, our reputation is built on a wonderfully simple truth: we make working life easier, smoother and ultimately more profitable for the clients who trust us to help them. That’s why they tend to come back.

We’ve been working with businesses of every scale and description for long enough to have learnt that no two projects are the same.

Having said this, over the years we’ve fine-tuned and perfected our own unique project management process that we apply to every commission. It’s one that helps to make sure we give you a professional, personalised and seamless service. A service that delivers the desired end results, always on time and on budget.

1. Site visit

One of our friendly field-based consultants will visit your premises for an initial conversation about your business and its requirement.

2. Site evaluation

A thorough on-site evaluation comes next, helping us assess, understand and agree the specific aesthetic and functional requirements of your project.

3. Tailored brief

We’ll prepare a tailored brief outlining areas like timescale, budget, and any resources and people that may be required.

4. Design team

If you need help with creative input, we’ll involve our design team at this stage to help you choose or develop the desired style. We’ll use a combination of drawings, samples, mood boards and creative and technical expertise to settle on the final ‘look’ and specification of your products.

5. Production to delivery

Once all the variables have been decided and agreed upon, we’ll seamlessly project manage your job right through to completion.

What really helps to differentiate us is the way we firmly believe that fantastic flooring products should go without saying.

That’s why there’s far more to working with us than just our high-quality carpets and hard floors. We also put client collaboration at the very heart of our business, and that’s made possible by our team’s unique blend of empathy, enthusiasm and superb communication skills. We know from many decades of experience that it delivers exceptional results.

Our partnerships always start with getting to know your business and premises inside out.

That’s how we deliver solutions that don’t just work, they work well and they happen smoothly. By taking the time to properly familiarise ourselves with your goals and requirements, we make sure you get:

  • Consistently great quality products
  • Seamless project management
  • Genuine one-to-one consultancy
  • Infinite design flexibility
  • Friendly and professional service from day one
  • Excellent lead times that are also achievable
  • Handmade samples to help your decision making

As a business, we’re passionate about natural raw materials.

That’s why it makes perfect sense that we’re also committed to protecting our beautiful planet through sustainable operations. We source locally whenever we can, and our high-quality yarns are spun a mere five minutes from our factory. This doesn’t just keep our carbon footprint smaller; it helps keeps local producers happier too.

Wool is the principal raw material we use in our carpets, and it’s a wonderfully natural, recyclable and sustainable one. This is even more the case when it’s produced in locations with plenty of water. It’s handy, then, that the wool we use is from two famously wet countries – New Zealand and right here in the UK. There are other good reasons to use these wools too: our UK wool is particularly warm and hardwearing, whereas New Zealand wool is lighter, whiter and easier to dye. A perfectly balanced 50-50 blend gives us the very best of both worlds.

Back at our carpet mill, we use a voltage optimiser and energy-efficient boiler to help reduce our carbon footprint even further. It shrinks our overheads too, which is great for helping us keep the cost of our products competitive. We also have our own borehole, and that gives us water that’s cleaner, purer and fully sustainable. Last but not least, any waste water we produce is reused or recycled whenever possible.

Inspiration for our designs comes from here, there and everywhere, and sometimes we find it in the most unusual or unlikely of places.

View a selection of some of our most recent designs.

To discuss your next project, call 01924 487800 or email hello@calderdale.co.uk