Add a splash of extra colour or a dash of bold design.

With so much expertise in carpet making, it seemed a shame not to use it as widely as possible. That’s why we also make beautiful bespoke rugs, lovingly designed and crafted to your own unique specifications.

Our rugs are the perfect way to make a statement by adding a touch of luxury or doing something different with your floor space.

We make most of our rugs using our hand-tufted technique and only the finest wools and silks, lending our finished products an unmistakable air of quality.

Not just that, we can start right from scratch or adapt and re-colour your favourite design from our vast and varied existing collections.

We make hand-knotted rugs too, using more traditional and labour intensive methods to produce breathtaking end results. Our hand-tufted rugs really showcase the depth of our passion and skills, giving you products that look sensational and last for decades.

While each rug we make is different to the last, every one of them shares the quality and meticulous attention to detail our carpets are famous for.

Our bespoke rugs are designed especially for you. Made to measure in any colour, size or design.

Take a look at our bespoke rugs brochure for inspiration. Download Now.

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