No one works harder to work such wonders.

Crafting beautiful carpets is where it all began here at Calderdale, half a century ago. We’ve been keeping the tradition alive ever since. Today, we’re still passionate about wools, looms and weaves, and about the magic we can achieve when we put them all together.

Drawing on our unique mix of design vision and textile expertise, we’re able to create an infinite number of breathtaking possibilities to enhance any interior space. We also use handpicked yarns that we source locally and have dyed to order, so you can be certain you’re getting a product offering unbeatable provenance as well as unrivalled quality.

The creative inspiration behind our products comes from anywhere and everywhere, and that’s no exaggeration.

Here is a small selection of our latest creative designs. View more in inspiration.

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Our bespoke service provides a true blank canvas. It gives you a unique opportunity to work with our experienced designers and consultants.

They’ll listen to your needs and get to know and understand your venue and its users. Then, and only then, they’ll create and produce a bespoke carpet whose performance is as stunning as its looks.

We use handpicked yarns that we source locally and have dyed to order.

From simple repeats, traditional patterns and contemporary designs to large-scale ornate motifs – we have the expertise and technology to turn your vision into a gorgeous reality.

Bespoke Axminster for St Paul's Lock

We went back to ink on paper to come up with some creative mark making to produce a fully unique design.

Working closely with the client to make sure every inch of their version was interpreted.

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