The world is our palette.

The creative inspiration behind our products comes from anywhere and everywhere, and that’s no exaggeration. From the places we’ve been or our favourite artists through to pop culture, high-street fashion or even the shape of a cloud: our creative team spots new ideas wherever they look.

Design-led business

As a design-led business we’re fanatical about pattern, tone, texture, trends, imagery and culture, and it shows in the mix of our styles. Our collections span more than 1,000 different colours too, so there’s always one you’ll fall for. Whether you’re fitting out a period property, a boutique hotel or an urban rooftop cocktail bar, we’ve got the perfect flooring to suit. If we haven’t, we’ll simply create it for you.

Experienced designers

The experienced designers in our studio know what works and what doesn’t, and that means they’ll guide you to a solution that won’t fail to impress. They also love experimenting, so our portfolio is always evolving and full of freshness, including products that bend creative boundaries for extra wow factor.

We’re passionate about Continuing Professional Development because we’ve seen how well it works for our business.

We enjoy sharing our industry knowledge to help others with CPD.

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